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Photo Credit: Sharon Chee (@sharonseely)

Hello! My name is Wei Lun. 


Photography has allowed me to see the world from a different perspective, telling a story with every frame. It lets me express myself and capture memories that can be kept and shared for life. The way light wraps around a subject, product or dish, can create a narrative that's so powerful.

With the way the world is moving, you can't scrimp on the quality of media content you're putting out. And we definitely won't hold back on making sure you get the best of the best.


I'm an easy going, fun-loving, and true blue joker. But when the job requires me to suit up and mellow myself, you can be assured of the highest level of professional conduct. 

Anyone can do posed shots, and that's okay. What I want to capture are the moments that go unseen. I can make the most boring seminar look like it was a successful standup comedy.

Contact me via my details below and together we can make your next event a beautiful album of unforgettable moments .


Email: ywlphotography@gmail.com

Contact No: +65 96809353